Our Declaration

Account Name: First Baptist Church, Ikeja

Tithe and offering AC/No: 1000522880
Bank Name: UBA

Pledge AC/No: 0007757335
Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank

I confess that God is my provider
and my financial adviser,
and in accordance with his word,
I have brought my Tithes and my Offerings today.
I believe that my giving to the
work of God will open doors of
blessings to me
(Pro. 18:16)
I refuse to be weary in giving
to the work of God because
I know my reaping time is here,
(Gal. 6:9)
I declare that these Tithes and Offering
shall become divine magnet that attract the blessings
of God to me.
From today onward
all the goods that belong to me
will start coming
as I yield to
divine command
I am moved by my faith and not by sight
that my life shall always
be filled to overflowing blessings.
The grace and glory to prosper
shall God not withold from me
(Psalm. 84:11).
I will go,
I will work diligently and honestly,
I will make wealth and enjoy
the fruits of my labour in Jesus name.