What is Palm Sunday

What is Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is the Sunday of Triumphal Entry Celebration. This happens a Sunday next to the Easter Sunday (one week before Christ’s Resurrection) and it is done to recall the day that

Jesus rode on a donkey to Jerusalem and that event

led to what iris termed passion week.

Better put, Palm Sunday began with Jesus and His disciples travelling over the Mount of Olives into the village of Bethphage (Read Luke 19:29-30). As he and his disciples were ascending toward Jerusalem, a large multitude gathered around Him. This crowd realized that Jesus was the Messiah and so they worshipped Him as so. Their behaviour revealed this when they started spreading their clothes, some brought out branches of tree but most common among this were palm branches (John 12:13) and this gives rise to the name “Palm Sunday” which we are celebrating today worldwide.

What matters in this event was that people were seen giving Jesus Christ the royal treatment. Unfortunately, they did this verbally by only shouting “Hosanna to the Son of David!” This is what we must avoid today as we celebrate Christ we must do it with our total heart. The same people who shouted Hosanna shouted “crucify him” in less than a week! Friends, I charge us to let our worship be real and not be momentous or seasonal. We should not see him as Lord alone but as Lord and Saviour (Philippians 2:10-11). And I pray that our shouting for Joy and

Hosanna in our worship today will lead to great rejoicing in this church and in every family that is represented here in our worship today.

Happy Palm Sunday 2018. God bless you.

For our future plans and by the grace of God this is from the Church Year Calendar:

Palm Sunday in the next two years: 2019: April 14, 2020: April 5. God will spear our lives beyond these dates in Jesus name. Amen and it is settled.