• The Church resolves that the Mission Statement of the Worship Ministry is as follows:

To build a beautiful Church with an attractive, seeker friendly environment and to support and promote God’s worship in spirit and in truth and in a sustained atmosphere of God’s Power.

  • The Church resolves that these are the Objectives of the Worship Ministry:
  1. To systematically review and upgrade FBC, Ikeja’s environment and infrastructure such that it becomes cleaner, more beautiful and better positioned to absorb over 300% increase (i.e. a growth from 700 to 2,500) in Church membership by 2008.
  2. To train and upgrade FBC Ikeja’s guest management team and processes to become warmer, more focused on guests’ comfort and more seekers friendly.
  3. Upgrade FBC Ikeja’s musical and other worship hardware and materials.
  4. To review and repackage FBC Ikeja’s Church service structure and content so that timely, elevating, wholesome and holist atmospheres are created that promote God’s worship in Spirit, Truth and in His Power.