Our Vision

Partnering with the Holy Spirit for Transformation of nations.

Our Mission

 “To attract seekers into God’s family, building them up under a continual process of life enhancement, sustaining them in an atmosphere of God’s love and power, to facilitate their transformation unto the full stature of their potentials and their calling in Christ Jesus.”


  • To be a Church that partners with the Holy Spirit for transformation of lives, of seekers and under-achievers, unto the full stature of their potentials and calling in Christ.
  • Build a community of believers committed to ministering to the total needs of people and localities that will encounter us.
  • Be committed to sharing the good news of Christ with all and sundry in Ikeja and environs, and in other locations and around the world under the direction of the Holy Spirit.
  • Worship in a beautiful auditorium with attractive, peoples friendly environment;
  • Be a Church that is committed to building a family, worshipping God in spirit and in truth, in a sustained atmosphere of God’s Power, for the total salvation, healing and deliverance of His people