• The Church resolves that the Mission Statement of the Evangelism Ministry is as follows:


To build a community of believers committed to ministering to the total needs of people and localities that will encounter us – by sharing the good news of Christ with all and sundry in Ikeja and environs, and in other locations around the world as directed by the Holy Spirit.


  • The Church resolves that these are the Objectives of the Evangelism Ministry:
  1. To increase total Church membership of FBC, Ikeja from 700 to 2,500 by 2008.
  2. To equip Church members for personal and corporate evangelism in their homes, neighborhoods and places of work (i.e. anywhere, anytime).
  3. To support the growth of House Fellowship Groups into mini-preaching stations.
  4. To support the Mission Board in planting at least 3 preaching stations per annum from 2007 onwards.
  5. To support the Mission Board in speeding up the viability of planted churches (e.g. in Batonu Mission Fields) such that all planted churches are organized on schedule and 1 preaching station is organized every other year in Batonu from 2008 onward.