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The Church's Leadership

I want to welcome you to our church; First Baptist Church, Ikeja. Our church vision of 'partnering with the Holy Spirit for transformation of nations' is geared towards building a continual process of life enhancement and sustaining the atmosphere of God’s love and power to facilitate the development of people’s calling in Christ Jesus. Once again welcome.

Revd Dr Kayode Opadeji

Senior Pastor

Pastor’s Corner

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The presence of pain alerts us that something is wrong. When David committed adultery with Bathsheba, he attributed the pain in his groin as a result

Hindrances To Prayer

One of the hardest things to do is forgive our enemies. Jesus Christ has commanded us to turn the other cheek (see Matthew 5:38-42); however, it is al

Welcome to 2017

Brethren, On behalf of my family and the church of God, I want to welcome you to year 2017, this is our year of All Round Profitability Philemon 1:11